Virginia Beach Pirate Ship

Welcome aboard, mateys!

A pirate is only as good as his ship and if you spent an entire lifetime searching the seven seas you still wouldn’t find a better boat than the Lost Pearl! My boat is the envy of pirates everywhere and when you join me for an epic, seafaring voyage, my hearties, you’ll soon see why.


The Lost Pearl was custom built to strict U.S. Coast Guard requirements and is a perfect replica of a 65 ft Spanish Galleon, complete with a 20ft beam. She rises majestically on the waves and the evil pirate Blackbeard and his crew of ruffians and scallywags cower in their boots when they see my mast bearing down towards them.

I need a fast ship to help me catch my enemies, which is why my Lost Pearl is powered by twin Cummins 315 HP diesel engines. An organized, experienced pirate like me never takes any chances, which is why my ship is also fitted with twin Onan 23 KW generators so we’ll have all the power we need when we’re away from the dock.

PEARL_0006You buccaneers should take the opportunity to walk around the decks to marvel at my beautiful ship. While you’re out there, keep an eye on the waters; I’m friends with all the dolphins in Virginia Beach and they often like to swim along beside the boat. You will be able to see them from the windows too.

Being a pirate and battling with Blackbeard is a risky business, but my vessel is as safe as be. My ship is U.S. Coast Guard certified for passengers and we have life-saving equipment on board, including ship-to-shore radio and life jackets. Besides being fearsome pirates in their own right, all of my captains are licensed with the Coast Guard.

Most importantly, the Lost Pearl is equipped with water cannons, which will come in handy for our impending battle with that wicked Blackbeard, who has stolen my treasure. Help me man the cannons, and I promise to share my treasure with you in return!