Capt. Jack’s Pirate Ship Adventures – Groupon Customers

Groupon Customers – Please Read!

Thanks so much for considering the purchase of tickets to a Capt. Jack’s Club 21+ Pirate Party Cruise.


This page was created to cover all the details about
our business and the cruises we offer to allow
everyone to make an informed purchase.

Please read this entire page prior to your trip if not before your purchase.

First and foremost…

We are extremely excited to offer our adult cruises again this year. For years, I have heard people expressing a desire for an oceanfront party cruise in Hampton Roads. With the support of the locals, we plan to offer this for many years to come!  Please visit and “like” our adult page on FaceBook.

We have worked out several of the kinks from past years, so things should flow a little smoother. We can now process your tab onboard and we have also upgraded our sound system. We will only be offering one type of adult cruise this year: Our popular “Pirate Dance Club Party Cruise (Club 21+)”.

The Cruise

The“Pirate Dance Club Party Cruise (Club 21+)” is for those with a wilder side. Dance and drink the night away to your favorite club style dance music (Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Usher, etc) while enjoying the Virginia Beach oceanfront skyline. Our pirates get naughtier as the night goes on, so don’t be surprised if you get dragged into their bawdy behavior. These cruises depart at 8:00 PM every Friday and Saturday night from May 15th – Sept 26th.


As we often sell out, reservations are required. We will take walk-ups, but reservations get first priority. Once you have purchased your Groupon voucher, you may call us at 757-305-9700 to book a reservation. Please make sure you give us accurate contact information so we can successfully contact you in case of cancellation, etc. You will receive an email confirmation upon completion of booking.

Please do not wait until the last weekend to try to use your voucher. We want you to sail with us and we will do everything possible to help you use your voucher. However, we do have limited availability, so use it early. We think you will want to go again anyway! Individual cancellations/rescheduling must be made 48 hours prior to departure time. Failure to meet this requirement will result in forfeiture of the benefit of the voucher. You will, however, retain the use of the value of your voucher for the amount you paid for it, $20. We reserve the right to cancel/modify any scheduled trip for any reason deemed necessary such as inclement weather, technical problems, etc.

Arrival and Parking

In case you didn’t know, parking is a major problem at the beach. If you are walking or riding a bike, feel free to come straight to the ship located at 308 Mediterranean Avenue on Rudee Inlet. If you are arriving by car, you WILL NOT be allowed to park at the location of the ship as we have no parking spots here. For this reason, we have leased an offsite parking lot located at 215 Atlantic Avenue, on the oceanfront next to the Schooner Inn (2nd St). We offer this parking at no charge and we have the Capt. Jack’s shuttle bus, also free, transporting our customers between the parking lot and the ship. The shuttle starts running 30 minutes prior to the trip departure time.  The last shuttle will pick up at 15 minutes prior to departure time. Please plan to arrive early as traffic can cause delays.  The shuttle will run after the trip ends until our customers are safely back to their vehicles.

We strongly discourage driving after consuming even small amounts of alcohol, so please plan accordingly. We will arrange a cab for anyone if necessary. The VB Wave, Hampton Roads public transportation shuttle, runs until midnight. They do not come to the ship, but they do run by our parking lot. If you are staying on the oceanfront, please consider using this cheap, safe service to reach our parking lot. We will take you from there.

Once at the ship, you will need to check in at the ticket booth. There are three things you will be required to have prior to boarding the ship. First, you will need a valid ID card proving you are at least 21 years of age. No one under the age of 21 will be permitted on the ship. Secondly, you will need to present a valid Groupon voucher, either printed or on your phone (or you can purchase a ticket at the regular price). Lastly, we are required by the City of Virginia Beach to collect an admissions tax of 10% of the cost of your tickets. That is $2.00 per voucher. You will then be given a boarding pass that you will use to gain access to the ship.


Once underway, please pay attention to the initial safety announcements. The cruise will last approximately 1.5 hours. If the night goes well, we may be convinced to stay a little longer. We will leave Rudee Inlet and travel about three miles up the oceanfront. We will vary our distance from land, but we will never lose clear site of land. Please be aware that you are on a boat and will likely be going into the ocean. Even on the calmest nights, the ocean has motion. Most people will get used to this in a short time while others may take longer. Until you are really comfortable, maintain contact with a rail, table, etc. As for sea sickness, it just happens to some people. If you get queasy riding in a car, you probably won’t fair well on the ocean.  On nights where the ocean is too rough for the cruise due to winds, we will complete the cruise inside of Rudee Inlet.  Heavy seas can be dangerous for passengers and are not fun for most.

Feel free to request your favorite songs during the night. We have upgraded our sound system, but keep in mind that our “club” is open to the atmosphere and much of the sound escapes into the night, so producing actual club volumes is nearly impossible. Don’t worry, the dance floor will thump!

The Rules

Sorry, but even a pirate ship has rules while at sea. There is no smoking onboard the ship. There are no outside beverages allowed on board. It is against state law. We will not tolerate anyone standing on tables or seats. We want to have a great time and get a little crazy, but extreme, dangerous behavior will not be allowed. Do not disrespect my crew or my ship or you will walk the plank! There will be security on board. Once again, we want this to be a great experience for everyone and we would like to continue to offer this experience for years to come. Please don’t ruin everyone else’s good time.

Dress Code

We really don’t have an enforced dress code. I can tell you that the best trips we’ve had were the ones where lots of people dressed to impress… the pirates. We encourage everyone to dress like a pirate (considerate it a costume party). However, come dressed how you wish. Ladies… please do not wear heels. It really isn’t safe and it also isn’t kind to the ship’s decks.  I would encourage everyone to wear tennis or deck type shoes.


Unfortunately, weather plays a big part in a successful trip. These trips, due to the noise and loud music, really need to take place in the ocean. Good marine weather isn’t just clear skies and warm temperatures. For us to comfortably go in the ocean, the wind and waves must cooperate as well. Choppy seas and/or a big swell can cause us to have to stay inside the inlet even on a pretty night. For most, getting tossed around the boat while trying to hold onto a drink isn’t much fun.  Unlike previous years, if the ocean is too rough, we will complete the cruise inside of Rudee Inlet.  We will hover near the jetties at the mouth of the inlet and spend some time in the back of the inlet near the Marine Science Museum.  Our ship is open to the sky, so heavy rain or thunderstorms is obviously a deal breaker. We will make every effort to communicate weather conditions to everyone, so please make sure we have your accurate contact information. Trust me, we want every trip to go!

If we are forced to cancel, please know that you don’t want to be out there anyway. Our official cancellation policy (as for weather) is that we will make a call at least two hours prior to cruise time. In many cases, we know well before that and will give the most advanced notice possible. If we have to cancel a trip, we will reschedule you for another date.

Bar & Menu

Our bar offers beer, wine, mixed and frozen drinks. Beer is $4, wine is $5 and mixed/frozen drinks range from $5-$8. Premium liquor drinks may be more. We have some delicious specialty pirate drinks that are $9. We have a good liquor selection, but due to room constraints, we don’t have them all. We feel our prices are very reasonable for an oceanfront bar, not to mention a cruise. We offer limited food options: popcorn, hot dogs, microwave pizza and chicken nuggets, ice cream and the like. We also have souvenir swords, guns and goblets in the $5-$6 range. Eye patches are $1 and we have some pirate hats from $12-$18.

Other Cruises Available

Keep in mind that we are available for private charter. We offer our full boat (up to 125 passengers) for charter at $750/hr with cash bar, so plan your bachelor/bachelorette, birthday or company party aboard the “Lost Pearl”. We also have the Family Fun Cruises during the day that are wonderful for children. We hope to see you aboard with them during daylight hours, tracking down Blackbeard’s ghost and our stolen treasure!

***Please remember your crew works hard to make sure you have a great time.  Much like restaurants, their primary compensation comes from customer tips.  Please don’t forget to take good care of them!